Press for The More They Disappear

A fine first novel … Donaldson is a soulful writer, especially sensitive to imagery that reflects his young sheriff’s sense of desolation.
The puzzles behind every plot twist never stop coming in this brilliant and perverse first novel.
Though the murder at the heart of the book unfolds in the first chapter, The More They Disappear develops with calculating suspense.
Forget genre labels. This is a stunning novel, period.
The More They Disappear delivers everything a reader could want. On one hand a compelling literary thriller, on the other a deep and generous meditation on life in a small town torn by addiction, poverty, and corruption.
Smart and fast-paced but also deeply humane—The More They Disappear is everything I look for in a novel.
People die, drug deals go wrong, things get real ugly, but the heart of this novel is its attentiveness to all the ways we fail to love and be loved.