A wonderful prose poem, a beautiful meditation on homesickness and connection to place, and a celebration of Kentucky and that strange and undeniable connection that Kentuckians have to the state.
Silas House, author of Clay’s Quilt and The Coal Tattoo
At turns strict and indulgent, bold and resigned, Donaldson fearlessly questions the conventional terms of nostalgia, and finds it to be both a constructed fantasy, and as sharply real as Kentucky bluegrass.
Lia Purpura, author of Rough Likeness
On Homesickness is a masterful meditation on nostalgia, founded in the tender device of riffs on the 120 counties of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The riffs are lyrical, poignant, evocative—they call to mind Vladimir Nabokov, our high priest of nostalgia.
Fenton Johnson, author of The Man Who Loved Birds

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